Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wall space

At this point in my life I have a wonderful, supportive husband who I love, and we enjoy a lot of the same activities such as biking and kayaking, traveling, dining out, particularly at ethnic restaurants, gardening, socializing with friends, and the occasional glass of wine while cooking dinner together. We have 3 adorable grandchildren who are growing like weeds. And last, but not least, my art business is slowly but surely progressing in the direction I want. Why, then, do I feel restless and uneasy, like I need a major change? Lately I’ve been thinking that when I retire from the city, I would like nothing more than to move into a loft instead of another house. A space with high ceilings and massive wall space, with a balcony large enough to hold a table, chairs, some bird feeders, and some potted flowers and vegetables in the summer. I would like to paint larger canvases. I have no time for the garden anymore, I’m more concerned with attending art events, participating in the plein air competitions around town, spending more time painting in the studio/gallery, visiting the grandkids more often, and travelling with friends on the weekends.  Of course, this new living space would have to have storage for the bikes, kayaks, golf stuff, and painting supplies.  Does such a place even exist, or would I have to trade an old house for an old building?

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hibiscus

Last Wednesday evening I headed over to open the gallery and finish a painting of a hibiscus. I started the painting last week, and thought I would paint an underpainting with the complementary colors. We’re talking acrylics here. So last night the second layer looked a little muddy, the third looked better, and the final layer and finishing touches really brought the whole thing to life.