Friday, January 21, 2011

Barbie Doll

Yesterday, I met my daughter and grandchildren for dinner at Panera in Pewaukee.  As we were sitting there, enjoying our dinner, I decided to let them know how much I enjoy going out to eat with them, as long as they behave themselves so well.  "In fact, when we were in Boston Store a few days ago," I said, "a gentleman congratulated me on having such well-behaved children".  I told the kids, "I had to thank the man twice.  Once for letting me know how well behaved you kids were, and again for assuming I was your mother".  So Ahnna said to me, "Well, you do look young."  It was wonderful to hear from a 6 year old, and so I let her know that she would be getting a very nice gift from me for her upcoming birthday.  Then her brother, the 5 year old said "Ahnna wants a Barbie doll that looks like you".  I replied "really Ahnna, you want a Barbie Doll that looks like me?"  She retorted, "Well, they don't make old Barbie Dolls"!  Her mom and I laughed so hard, I thought we were going to choke!