Monday, September 20, 2010

Pewaukee and Locks of Love

Wow, seems like it’s been a really long time since I wrote anything on my blog. I had written about the Mid-summer’s brush event in August, but just posted it this week. Since then, I participated in the Pewaukee plein air event, and Debbie, Chuck, Troy and I had a wonderful time. I sold one of my paintings right off of my easel. Always a good thing. On the first evening of the event, we all met at Seesters Mexican Cantina and had margaritas…..too many margaritas. Debbie was sloshed, I was rather wasted, and Chuck and Troy were okay, but quite buzzed.
Latest news is the WPA Déjà vu exhibition (photography and pastels combined), opened on September 16th at the One Way Café, and we received really good feedback from the attendees. From what I understand, Sandy, owner of the One Way Café, wants to make it a yearly event.

Saturday, I took 3rd place at the art competition at the Locks of Love event at Beyond Studio in downtown Waukesha. It was a really nice event…Chuck and I took Ahnna to it and we had fun dancing, making chalk paintings on the street, and listening to the wonderful music (blues mostly), but a shame it wasn’t very well attended.

Mid-summer's Brush 2010

In mid August, Debbie Callahan (one of us 3 Martini Girls), and I painted in the Oconomowoc Mid-Summer’s Brush Plein Air event. On Friday, Aug. 6th, Debbie picked me up at home, we drove to Mayfair Mall, and headed straight to Claire’s to buy tiaras. We had decided to wear the tiaras while we painted because we thought it would be great fun, and we were correct! Afterward we drove out to Oconomowoc, picked up our artist packets, got our canvases stamped, and went to lunch before driving around the town to look for a proper place to paint. We set up our easels on Main Street across from the candy shop with the red striped awning. I painted the Sweet Dreams Candy shop, and Debbie painted the light post, and a window box of flowers.

On Monday, Aug. 9th, Debbie picked me up, we headed straight to Golosi Café and ordered large lattes with a double shot of espresso, then walked over to Sweetie Pies and got some bakery to tide us over until lunchtime. We set up our easels at Chaffee Road Park, which mainly consisted of a softball diamond, a childrens playground and most importantly, bathrooms. We painted different views of a stately weeping willow tree.

After that, we returned to Golosi, each got another latte with a double shot of espresso, and then had lunch at Sweetie Pies. We were having so much fun, painting, drinking iced coffee and eating that we decided to go over to the gazebo at Fowler Lake and paint some more. Wendie Thompson was there, painting in the gazebo, so we decided to join her. It was really hot outside, so the shade was a welcome respite from the sun. We each finished a painting, then our energy level dropped like a bomb, and we could barely get our stuff packed up and loaded into the car. We hardly spoke during the ride home, we were so exhausted from being out in the heat all day. We probably looked like zombies. Even after I got home, I was cranky, out of sorts, and probably over heated, overexherted, and overcaffeinated!

Tuesday, we had our routine down. Iced latte at Golosi’s, then something to nosh from Sweetie Pies, then set up the easels and paint. We did not repeat Monday’s double expresso shots. Fred came with us, and we all had a really good time!

Wednesday was more of the same, and Thursday we turned in our paintings. Unfortunately, by Friday evening, the weather turned on us and it started to rain during the silent auction, so turnout for the auction was low, and as a result, sales were dismal.