Monday, April 12, 2010

Joanna's house and other things.

This weekend Chuck and I went to visit Joanna and Ken in Montello. I've known Joanna since 2nd grade at St. Thomas Aquinas grade school. She's a great hostess and always cooks wonderful meals for us. Good thing she's currently doing the Atkins diet with no carbs, as I'm currently on the first 3 weeks of maintenance after a round of Dr. Simeon's HCG Protocol, and can't eat any starches or sugar. So she cooked us a divine pork roast with mashed cauliflower (pseudo mashed potatoes), and grilled zucchini. Yum.

Saturday we went thrift store shopping, and I found quite a few things. 3 pair of shoes, 4 blouses, 1 jacket, 3 tees, 2 pair of slacks. We also stopped at TJ Maxx, and I really liked some of the things they had, but we ran out of steam and time. And I found out that it's easy to do no starches at McDonald's if you just order a quarter pounder with cheese--no bun.

Sunday we built 3 Oriole feeders out of scrap wood. 2 for Joanna and 1 for me. Now I just have to hang them from the pergola with orange halves stuck on the nails for that purpose.

Fun weekend, and I'm enthused about doing a project, and can't seem to figure out what exactly I want to work on. Maybe a mosaic project.

Tonight, Marcia 1, Debbie, and I are going to the Bay View Arts Guild spring mixer to meet and network with other artists. I think Fred is going too. Should be lots of fun. I should probably remind them to take some business cards.

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