Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Weekend

Jose (my ex) was up here for Easter weekend. Sandy called me on Thursday night and said she and Jose were taking the 2 boys to the zoo on Friday, and asked me if I could go too. Ahnna had school. So I said sure 'cause it was a holiday and no work, so we met and went to the zoo. I always love to get together when Jose is here--we always have fun and laugh a lot. He talked about George Houde, and remembers the joke about "wooden eye" (hairlip). I thought that Sandy would take the family to Robert's birthday party, but she said she got the evite just a few days before the weekend, and had already made plans. I'm pretty sure I told her about it too, but maybe she just wanted to spend the weekend with her dad. I would have preferred to stay in town and hang out with Sandy and Jose, but that's a little hard to sell to Chuck. In fact, we even joked about it with him. "Hey Chuck, I'm going to stay in town and hang out with my ex and the grandkids while you go out to Beaver Dam to see your family." It was pretty funny.

So we did drive out to Beaver Dam and stayed with Chuck's cousin, Sandy and her husband Art. I really like Sandy's house, and her decorating style. Very antiquey, and fun. She has a screen porch and on Sunday morning, I taught a beginning oil painting class to Sandy and Judy (her sister, visiting from Colorado). They were in their pajamas, and now I call them the Pajama Painters. It was really fun painting with them and giving them pointers and info, but by the time we got to Michelle's house for dinner, I had no energy left, and couldn't wait to come home. Thank goodness we had a furlough day at work on Monday.

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