Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Estrogen Palace

The Estrogen Palace

When I left work yesterday afternoon, I was dead dog tired, and was re-thinking the decision to head over to the studio, however since I was a proponent of the decision to paint en plein air on Tuesdays, or if the weather bites, to at least head to the studio to paint a still life with Debbie and Marcia1, it was better to “bite the bullet” and drive over there. As usual, it wasn’t long after I arrived, that I felt much more energized (the cup of delicious black coffee helped).

As we talked and painted, the subject came up of how much we enjoyed being there, all together. And we were explaining to Cali who had come over to join us, that there were no rules regarding verbage—we could swear and use whatever profanity we deemed appropriate or inappropriate, because this is our “Girl Cave”. Debbie then stated “It’s our Estrogen Palace”. So now instead of being tired and going to the studio, which implies working, I’ll be happily driving to the Estrogen Palace!

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Deborah said...

where we can all hang out together!