Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Grandkids--amazing characters

Last night I was babysitting the grandkids while Sandi went to teach her Zumba class. We were cleaning up the dishes after dinner, and Ahnna decided she wanted to help scrub the frying pan. Then Julian wanted to help her, so the 2 of them are standing on a chair in front of the sink, sponges and bottle brushes in hand, scrubbing away at the frying pan among other things. Their brother, Everett pulls over a chair and joins them in the task. I’m sweeping the floor in the eating area, adjacent to the kitchen, when, all of a sudden, Ahnna breaks into song, “It’s a hard knock life, for us, it’s a hard knock life”. It was one of those “oh my goodness, this is too cute for words” moments.

Of course, by the time they were finished, poor Julian was soap suds from head to toe, but mostly head and face….and eyes, but was having soooo much fun in the water, it didn’t matter. Everett was very helpful, and wiped up the kitchen floor with a dishtowel afterward, while Julian took over the broom, and Ahnna sat down to put on her lip gloss.

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