Monday, July 12, 2010

Sex Pot Hair

Saturday I had to meet the Martini Girls, Marcia Hochstetter and Debbie Callahan to do some plein air painting, and I was running a little late.  When they called the house to find out where I was, and I said I still had to style my hair....they quickly informed me that I was going to wear a hat anyway, and not to blow dry my hair--so I didn't. 

When I got to the gallery, Debbie said my hair was "very sexy looking", and in an email she sent today has dubbed me "Sex Pot Hair".  I kind of think that it looks more like "my hair on drugs", but "drugged hair" just sounds limp and lifeless. Chuck likes it--a lot apparently.  He said it looks kind of wild. Wild indeed. Guess I had better take some pics and upload them soon.  So why am I so obsessed with my hair right now?  Maybe because my friend Troy suggested I change hairstylists, so of course, then I'm wondering "what's wrong with the way it looks?".  Hmmmmm.  We'll see.  I must say it's easier to throw in some Morrocan oil and let it air dry then to blow dry it all the time.  It's actually kind of liberating--no fear of humidity (humidity is now my friend), no fear of rain, or swimming, or even while kayaking.  If only I can live with the reflection in the mirror.

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