Monday, July 12, 2010

Too busy

Have I not been writing because I have nothing to say?  Absolutely not!  I've been too busy with art related stuff.  Exhibitions and receptions, and yes, having fun with friends at exhibitions and receptions.  And painting up a small storm.  We were in Colorado for a week, and while there I started writing a blog which promptly disappeared when my laptop ran out of battery.  Here is what I had written: So the first day in Colorado we drove into downtown Boulder to walk around, and had lunch at "Felafel King".  The next day we drove up Canyon Road to Nederland.  We stopped into the tourist office and the very nice gentleman gave us some directions to a picturesque spot to paint the landscape, which turned out to be Brainard Lake.  It was magnificent!  I spent about 3 hours painting the lake, glacier and mountains that were in front of me at an altitude of 10,300 feet. 
On Wednesday, we stayed at the house (Judy and Michael Goodson, Chuck's cousins), and painted and sketched a little.  Thursday we got up early and drove down to Colorado Springs and went to the Garden of the Gods.  I set up my easel there and painted for about 3 hours, again.  Only this time I came away with an awesome painting, and quite a sunburn.  Friday we stayed at the house again and painted flowers in window boxes and pots.  Saturday we drove into Denver with Michael and Judy and went to the Denver Museum of Art.  I have to admit, their collection was not as good as the Milwaukee Art Museum, except for the Southwest exhibit.  They had some very nice Albert Bierstadt paintings of the Rockies, and several Remington sculptures.
I've been extremely busy since getting back.  First getting an LMA exhibition organized, and then with the South Shore Frolics Art Fair.  First outside art fair I've done since the 1980's.  And now I'm going to be painting at the Wauwatosa Plein Air Affair this week.  I'll be lucky to get one painting finished!
As always, looking forward to oil painting class with Lorin Willey this Thursday at Raven Gallery.

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