Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colorado trip

We're out here in Erie Colorado visiting Chuck's cousins.  Erie is just east of Boulder.  They're wonderful people and tend to like the same things we like, so it's always fun to stay with them.  We arrived last Sunday .evening, so Monday morning we spent some time getting our internet linked through theirs and rested from the drive from Milwaukee.  In the afternoon, we drove into Boulder, stopped at the AAA office, and picked up maps and brochures and the like so that we could navigate around town and up into the mountains.  We found a nice dowtown area with an outdoor shopping mall and stopped into a small Mediterranean restaurant called "Felafel King".  The food was very good, and so were the prices.  After that, we headed back to "base camp".   After going out for Chinese food for dinner, I took out some of my art supplies and played around with the watercolor pencils.  I painted a small still life of Judy's "money tree".  I don't know why they call it a money tree, since it certainly doesn't grow money.  If it did, I would have purchased one by now.  Judy painted a watercolor birthday card for Sandy, her sister.

Tuesday, we drove up Canyon Road to the damn on Boulder River.  Just beyond that is a town called Nederland, so we stopped in the tourist office and asked about scenic areas to paint.  The gentleman who worked there was very friendly and accomodating,  He gave us a simple map of the Peak to Peak highway and pointed out some highlights.  "Go to Brainard Lake, park in the parking area east of the lake and you will have a beautiful vista of the glacier".  So we went, and he did not mislead us. 

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