Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A little history of the last year, and some journal pages.

It's been a long time since I posted before today.  Last year after my sister had a 2nd major heart attack (and didn't die, miraculously), she moved back to Wisconsin with her husband to be closer to family.  Now she's considering moving back to Nevada, and we're (the family) all convinced she's not running on all cylinders.  Oh well.

On May 1st of last year I had an accident at work and tore my right rotator cuff, resulting in a surgery to repair it in June.  I was out of commision for 5 months, off of work, no painting with my right hand, and had to resort to trying to paint abstracts with my left hand--painting a successful abstract is actually more difficult than a representational painting.

Now I'm back at work, painting with my right hand again (thank goodness), and am taking Lorin Willey's Thursday night oil painting class. 

I am obsessed with art journaling and have tried a lot of different background techniques, and am experimenting with different papers and wet and dry media.  AHHHHHH--the possibilities are endless!!!

Journal page with hand painted doodled flowers, mixed paper background and butterfly die cut.

Journal page of my Art Angel Muse.

Journal page, self portrait.

Journal page with ART letter zentangles.

Journal page with oil painting greeting card pocket.

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Yevette Behnke said...

That's true. Doing an abstract is actually a lot harder than most people would realize. It's a good thing you've found something to improve your art while you're on your downtime. That accident sounds quite painful. I hope you've got worker's compensation, so you didn't have to cover the cost of the injury yourself. And you've got health insurance covered by your employer.

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