Monday, February 1, 2010

Wisconsin Pastel Artists website

I had a million ideas yesterday about what to say, and today, I'm just tired. Yesterday evening I worked again on the WPA website--did some tweaking, but didn't get images moved over to any of the member galleries yet. Debbie discovered how to add a thumbnail image next to her name on the galleries page. Cool!

Tonight I'll be attending the meeting of the AC Club in West Allis. There's supposed to be a demo--acrylics I heard. I like using acrylics when I work on minis, and at Fred's class.

There were lots of emails going back and forth this morning about how the WPA should choose images for the new brochure, so a meeting is set up for next week Tuesday, Feb. 9th at Barnes and Noble coffee shop.

I'm mulling over the thought of having a Life History blog. My life from the age of 19 has been pretty interesting and unusual, beginning with the meeting of my first husband, Jose. Anyway, do I have the time to write 2 blogs? Maybe. Sometimes I'm just at a loss as to what to say about painting. It's a need, not a superficial pastime. I have to create, paint, decorate my home, garden in the spring. I hope never to lose interest and never to stop learning new things. My sister, Mary and I used to joke about being in a nursing home in wheelchairs when we're about 90 and having someone thread a needle, hand us the glue, or put a paintbrush in our hand, so we can continue creating.

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