Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Hostage Experience

Taxes....yuck! And why so many kinds? Property, income, sales, more property if you own a business. Why does Wauwatosa want to tax my easel? Because it's property in the studio at the Martini Girls Gallery. Shit.

On a lighter note, I just received a card from my good friend Mary Lynn. She sent me an article published in the MATC Times in January 1980. I can't believe she kept it all these years! I'll upload it for you, because sometimes, it's just too weird to believe it happened to me. That interesting life I mentioned in an earlier post, well the article is just a small part. There's also an article I wrote and sent to the Times around the same time about the same subject. I will have to locate my copy and scan it in. Interesting stuff!
As far as painting--I've started a new floral still life, but it needs work.  And last week in Fred's class, we did impressionistic portraits. I am far, very far, from a portrait artist, but I like the challenge, and I really like his method. So I will have to practice....a lot.

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