Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boredom at Demo

So happy to have finished my latest oil painting and also my latest pastel. Will upload some photos soon, but first have to complain about the demo I sat through yesterday. Wonderful painter who actually said nothing until he was asked a question. Even then, he didn't seem to be enthusiastic about the process. No sharing of his methods or what or how he was inspired-----nothing. It was probably the most boring 2 hours, yes, 2 hours I've spent in a long, long, time. I know you're asking..."so why did you stay?" Well, to be polite, as I was a guest at this particular club's meeting. I'm so glad I didn't fall asleep on the way home.
My next project will be to finish an oil portrait I started of my granddaughter. Right now, it looks like something out of a horror movie...all eye sockets and grimace. Photos soon.

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